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Integrated production

Our fully integrated production provides extra safety for our egg products. Feed components, hatcheries, the rearing of laying hens or egg production, our group of companies provides for them all from one single source.

Whether you need to know where the hen was reared, what it was fed on and when it laid its eggs, our fully integrated production offers you all the answers and much more.
  • Feeding mills
  • Quality management starts at feed-manufacturing stage.

    Our group's own feed mill on the banks of Germany’s Mittelland Canal produces top-grade, highly-nutritional formulas for the optimum health of our hens and the maximum quality of the eggs they lay.
    The experts in our test lab inspect the raw components of each load that reaches the mill.

    The feed mill takes on a key position within our group, as the in-house production and monitoring of feed is the only way to guarantee safe, residue-free quality.

  • In-house breeding and rearing of parent stock
  • We also raise our own parent stock.

    The parent animals of our laying hens are likewise raised by us. Cocks and hens mate, and the fertilized eggs are hatched to ensure strong and healthy new generations; all under the best hygiene conditions and subject to permanent veterinary inspection.

  • The hatchery
  • Carefully-monitored hatching.

    After 21 days of incubation, the chicks in the hatchery emerge from their shells. Strict hygiene conditions and careful veterinary care apply, to ensure that they have a healthy start in life.

  • In-house breeding and rearing of hens
  • Animal-friendly rearing is important to us.

    Our group’s rearing and laying farms are always close to each other, so that transport routes are kept as short as possible for animal-protection purposes.

    After being reared for 18 weeks, adult hens are transported to the laying farm in a careful, stress-free way to begin their egg-production career.

  • Fresh eggs
  • Laid today, on the customer’s table tomorrow.

    Each farm is equipped with a modern in-line egg-collection system with conveyor belts, packing machines and printers. Most plants also house a mechanical sorting system. The daily collection and packing of fresh eggs ensure our unique advantage, with printed logs to document their origin and corresponding rearing method.

  • Egg processing
  • High tech for sensitive products.

    Only eggs of the best quality are subject to further processing. After mechanical breaking and separation into white and yolk (or being left whole), the liquid is immediately cooled and then pasteurized.

  • Liquid egg products
  • Liquid egg products: the safe, practical alternative to shell eggs.

    Carefully pasteurized, available in many packaging formats and sizes, with or without additives; our liquid egg products offer customers a safer, more hygienic, more flexible and more convenient solution for virtually any requirement of the food industry, catering sector or artisanal production.

    Guaranteed salmonella-free.

    And thanks to our integrated production, you can trace each batch of egg products all the way back to the fed grain.

  • Powdered egg products
  • Problem-free and functional.

    An important part of our production is delivered in dry form.

    We offer various highly functional specialized products, in addition to the three standard powdered formats: whole egg, eggyolk and eggwhite.

  • Lysozyme
  • Lysozyme - safe fermentation.

    For the safe and reliable fermentation of wine, beer or cheese, lysozyme is the right choice.

    Lysozyme, a naturally occurring component of egg whites, is obtained using a careful and complex separation and concentration process. It allows cheese (or else) to mature safely and reliably, without the use of chemicals.

  • Logistics department
  • Top quality, delivered directly to your door.

    With its own fleet, our logistics department allows us to supply you directly and just in time with high quality egg products. If you wish, by the approx. 25.000 kg tanker load.

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