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Renowned TV stations have chosen to make the fascinating world of OVOBEST and its technology their subject. Let us offer you a small choice of video clips.

RTL 2, Schau dich Schlau®

RTL 2 visiting OVOBEST.

Factful feature about high tech egg processing, spiked with impressive detail shots of our very special technology, cut and photographed in a most artistical manner. Watch modern hygienic manufacturing of powdered egg with egg breaking machines, pasteurizers, and spray drying including its conversion into a tasty soufflé.

Die Sendung mit der Maus® visits OVOBEST

German TV's best known mouse paid a visit in person in order to find out, how egg white powder is made, by the way one of the most important ingredients for marshmallow desserts. Accompany the mouse exploring the exciting process of sweets production and learn more about the importance of egg white powder for delicious treats!

Galileo Extrem®

Pro Sieben channel took a portrait of our egg breaker, analyzing this super machine in slow motion and time lapse photography resulting in spectacular and aesthetic pictures. Have a look and be convinced by our high tech processing!

Spiegel TV® visits OVOBEST

Have a peek behind the doors of OVOBEST and learn more about hygiene and state of the art contemporary egg processein. Virtually follow the egg on its route from incoming inspection through breaking machines to finished egg product.

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