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Maximum flexibility in all areas

We offer you maximum flexibility, whether you need products in small packs with a long shelf-life, or in large reusable containers for industrial-scale production. Whether it´s fresh or refrigerated, liquid or powdered egg designed for easy handling at room temperature.

Please contact us if you require further customization, and we will be pleased to help develop an individual solution for your needs.  Our special products also offer a wide range of precisely defined functions for the control of known technical issues and the solving of technical problems. Don´t hesitate to contact us for further details.

Personal, expert advice

Designated experts from our Quality Assurance, Application Technology and R&D departments are on hand to offer you advice and practical help, regardless of whether you are an existing or potential customer.

With your ideas in mind

Innovation is our passion. Stable foams, high gelling properties, defined viscosities, reliable baking properties and other customized functions are all covered by our problem-solving skills as egg products specialists.

Our in-house R&D department is also on hand to help you develop new ideas; whether they involve our egg products or your own innovations.

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