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Our standards - product safety

Safety first

Product safety is our top priority when it comes to manufacturing food. This is especially true for sensitive food products such as eggs and their derivatives.

Planned product quality

It all starts with the raw material sourcing, where our own in-house lab checks all egg deliveries for freshness, sensory impression, antibiotic residues and other factors. This allows only carefully selected raw materials to be subjected to further processing. Each individual batch is moreover subject to further analysis and inspection throughout the various processing stages. Final lab approval depends on proper completed pasteurisation. Our quality-related measures are based on our certified quality management system and HACCP policy.

High tech for high safety

Our hygiene equipment and highly efficient processing systems meet the most demanding standards. All our safety-relevant production processes are automated, computer-controlled and fully documented to ensure reliability. This also applies to pasteurisation, our central processing procedures and our CCP policy.

Quality and product safety right from the start

We offer our particularly demanding customers egg products from integrated production for best possible extra safety. The entire egg-production process, starting with the feed-milling, takes place within our parent company to ensure total in-house. This allows us to offer eggs and egg products that are both contaminant-free and healthy.

OVOBEST a double promise for "naturally the best" egg products.

Our name "OVOBEST" expresses our commitment to giving our customers only the very best that eggs have to offer.

The "natural" part of our slogan further extends this by:

  • emphasizing our self-imposed mission to maximize quality standards, by naturally delivering top-notch products and
  • confirming an extra standard based on our expertise. Our egg products are expertly handled as to conserve all the valuable functional properties of the natural egg in its shell –helping to ensure product reliability and protection against unpleasant surprises.

Animal protection and sustainability

Our company places great value on its responsibility towards human and animal well-being and a healthy environment. This is reflected in our operational procedures and current range of products. The latter especially confirm our desire to allow our customers to implement their own policies regarding sustainability, while following current nutritional trends and conforming to the standards established in Germany and for the purposes of international trade.

Our hot spots:

Health and nutrition

Eggs and egg products are rich in high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and are regarded extremely healthy food products. They can be an important part of a vegetarian diet. We have made our own contribution to offering sustainable protein-based egg products to the end-consumer by creating the NOVO-X egg protein powder brand.

Corporate social responsibility

Our decision become a member of SEDEX and issue reports via this platform reflects our commitment to sound business practice, responsibility towards our employees, a healthy workplace, safety and protection of the environment. We are subject to regular independent audits conforming to SMETA standards.

Animal-friendly production

Our product range covers all animal-appropriate forms of husbandry; complete with KAT certification if needed.

Climate protection, conservation of resources, waste prevention

Eggs and egg products offer the best ecological footprint of all animal products in terms of nutrients and protein content. Manufacturing egg products is both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, and takes place within a certified energy-management system. Most of our raw materials are obtained from regional suppliers. Our containers and packaging materials are reusable, or at the very least suitable for recycling.

Genetic engineering, soy protein

Our egg products are available on the basis of GMO-free and low-soy-content feed.


Our egg products can be supplied from organic sources.


A thorough approach based on the integrated production of eggs.

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